Fento® is a lifestyle company, dedicated to designing and development of clothing accessories, we offer our customers unique pieces, innovating and environmentally responsible items.

Our products are characterized by a philosophy of "connection with nature" through current concepts, elegant and luxurious that meets the needs of each client.

This connection begins with the definition of style and product concept, which determine the careful choice of eco-friendly raw materials that artisans transform into a piece of full experiences for the user.


Fento® was founded in early 2012 through the experimentation of its creative executive and founder Camilo Vasco to find the process soul that would transform the raw material that nature gives us into a beautiful and unique handmade artisanal piece. At that moment Fento is also founded with other souls: its co-founders Felipe Lopez, Mateo Isaza, Daniel Schemel and Juan Felipe Barreneche who transformed a piece into a product and that experimentation in a company through their knowledge, their entrepreneurial spirit, and environmental awareness.


The glasses are not just a simple object; it becomes a complement to lifestyle. Its main function is to protect the eyes from the sun and improve vision but it is also important the connection to the person wearing them.

Fento® Eyewear line is unique handmade frames and glasses from high-quality exotic wood and reforested areas around the world and the most beautiful natural rocks that generate us clean processes and natural product finishes. Combined with stainless steel hardware and premium lenses makes each frame glasses to have an exclusive design.

Our designs are inspired by authentic users, lover of the beauty of nature and its changing colors, smells and textures. Each line of our frames has a personality that is reflected into the person who chooses it, from the classic to daring, from serenity to the effusiveness; looking for our customers to feel comfortable in their eyes so that they reflect their true character.

The process for each glasses frame takes our artisans to work nature for many fascinating hours to give you their connection between earth and man.

Our frames are made of plywood to give rigidity and flexibility. They are completely handmade by our expert artisans who need 62 hours of passionate work since wood is carefully selected, cut and polished until they are treated with a mixture of natural oils and waxes that provide durability and weather resistance; making our frames a unique piece of art.



- WOOD - 

Our wood comes from legal american, african, asian and european forests  Our environmental commitment is to give nature a cycle of renewal by planting more trees instead of cutting trees; generating more oxygen, collecting and absorbing more CO2 as well as biodegradable waste.

ROSEWOOD: It is a brazilian tree, lush and evergreen containing an oil with sweet and floral aroma similar to nutmeg. It is a hard, warm and luxurious wood that Fento® has the pleasure of having for its wide range of colors from mottled brown, violet colored heartwood with irregular black stripes, to the bottom demarcated from the sapwood cream.

FRESNO: It grows in temperate regions from the northern hemisphere. It is a white wood and when cut for the first time turns into a pale pink dye that forms a pattern due to their growth rings. To Fento ® ash is like the white of nature that provides freshness and purity.

WENGUE: It is a tropical African wood characterized by its dark and almost black color that is turning into as it has contact with light, this color gives this classic, elegant and contemporary touch to our frames.

NOGAL: Walnuts are distributed throughout temperate and warm regions of the Northern Hemisphere, extending to South America. European walnut wood is gray-brown, with black streaks and straight grain, occasionally slightly wavy. Fento® combines it perfectly with natural stone giving an elegant and neutral touch.

MAPLE: It is the best wood as concerning relative density/stiffness that comes from the forests of Canada, USA and Northern Europe. It is a cream colored wood that is used as filling frames plywood.

HAYA: It is a European specie of hard to medium density that features a pale sapwood and darker heartwood which is closer to the center of the tree. Fento® uses it to give life and movement to our frames.

STONE: Our stone frame surfaces are from millions of years back and comes from quarries around the world, and due to geographic location determines its beautiful grain and colors that make each frame unique. Composed mostly of sand and quartz whose oxidation is from transcended time, making them resistant to weathering and UV rays.

Our commitment is to contribute to raising awareness of current environmental problems, taking action to mitigate it through our productive developments and through our actions in life; reflected in each of our clients.

We work with natural, renewable and biodegradable raw materials that contribute to the natural growth of the environment, also with inputs and processes adjusted to reduce the negative impact on our ecosystem.



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