Fento was made for the ones that want to look different,

for the reckless, because every piece we made is

unique as you.

We're for young and wild souls.

We want warm nights, cold beers and the wind hitting our faces while we run the world

fearless and full of passion.

We find beauty in nature and we turn it into art,

we are the dreamers because in detail is the difference.

For the ones who take the time to do it better,

we put our souls to our designs.
Every piece is a unique creation for you.

It is handmade with love and hours of dedication.>

We use non-conventional materials for our frames that mixed with hinges of stainless steel and high-quality lenses produce an exclusive design piece for you.

Each thing made by our expert artisans needs long hours of

passionate work

to carefully pick the materials, cut them, polish them and join all the parts,

in that way creates a unique piece of art.