Our wood comes from legal American, African, Asian and European forests Our environmental commitment is to give nature a cycle of renewal by planting more trees instead of cutting trees; generating more oxygen, collecting and absorbing more CO2 as well as biodegradable waste.

ASH: It grows in temperate regions from the northern hemisphere. It is white wood and when cut for the first time turns into a pale pink dye that forms a pattern due to their growth rings. For us, ash is like the white of nature that provides freshness and purity.

WENGUE: It is a tropical African wood characterized by its dark and almost black color that gives this classic, elegant and contemporary touch to our pieces.

TEAK: This sort of wood is characterized by its amazing natural durability qualities, besides having good dimensional stability it comes from Colombian forests. The teak wood has an antiseptic resin that makes it resistant to fungus, termites and other organisms. It’s resistant to water, cracking or rupture.

NOGAL: Walnuts are distributed throughout temperate and warm regions of the Northern Hemisphere, extending to South America. European walnut wood is gray-brown, with black streaks and straight grain, occasionally slightly wavy. Fento® combines it perfectly with natural stone giving an elegant and neutral touch.

MAPLE:b It is the best wood as concerning relative density/stiffness that comes from the forests of Canada, USA, and Northern Europe. It is a cream colored wood that is used as filling frames plywood.

HAYA: It is a European species of hard to medium density that features pale sapwood and darker heartwood which is closer to the center of the tree. We used it to give life and movement to each piece.

STONE: Our stone frame surfaces are from millions of years back and come from quarries around the world, and due to geographic location determines its beautiful grain and colors that make each piece unique. Composed mostly of sand and quartz whose oxidation is from transcended time, making them resistant to weathering and UV rays.

DENIM: Our denim material is made from recycled fabrics mixed with natural resins to make it compact and flexible. Sometimes we mix it with wood and other times is used in its natural state.

SURGICAL STEEL: This material is an alloy between nickel, chromium, and molybdenum. Chromium gives the material its resistance to wear and corrosion. Nickel allows it to be soft and clean and molybdenum gives it hardness. It’s also hypoallergenic and it’s very resistant. renewable

ACETATE: It’s a hypoallergenic vegetal plastic. It’s made from natural cotton fibers and wood, all its components are renewable materials. This material is made by forming layers of plastic in big blocks then it is carefully cut into individual pieces and polished by hand.


The process for each glasses frame takes our artisans to work nature for many fascinating hours to give you their connection between earth and man.
Our frames are made of plywood to give rigidity and flexibility. They are completely handmade by our expert artisans who need 62 hours of passionate work since wood is carefully selected, cut and polished until they are treated with a mixture of natural oils and waxes that provide durability and weather resistance; making our frames a unique piece of art.